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Good news for all travel enthusiasts! We’re excited to announce that our website,, is now powered by artificial intelligence to give you an integrated and automated travel itinerary like never before!

Gone are the days of manual itinerary planning and tedious itinerary management. With our AI-powered technology, you can now create and manage your entire travel itinerary in just a few clicks. Our platform seamlessly puts together flights, hotels, car rentals, and local experiences – all tailored to your preferences and interests.

Our AI-powered platform also keeps track of your bookings, sends timely reminders for check-ins, and optimizes your itinerary based on real-time travel data. This ensures that your travel experience is stress-free and enjoyable from start to finish!

So, the next time you’re planning your dream trip, head over to, and let our AI-powered technology do the heavy lifting for you. Book your travel itinerary in minutes and get ready for an unforgettable travel adventure!


Our Best Packages

These popular destinations have a lot to offer

Agro Tourism

Agro tourism involves professional or recreational visits and ours to farms, factories, institutions and other agro facilities; further meetings, discussions and lectures regarding different concepts of agriculture to increase the level of knowledge and interests of tourists and visitors in innovations taking place in that agricultural area. We have customized agro tourism packages with which our customers can have a better insight into agricultural facilities, expand their understanding and along with it, they can enjoy sightseeing to nearby areas.

Corporate Tourism

Corporate Tourism is a fast-growing division of the corporate settings which allow business travellers and other personnel to travel while still doing their work and getting paid. These are mostly business trips where corporate objectives are met in a rejuvenating environment. Our cost-effective corporate tour packages help corporates to uncover opportunities and increase engagement among employees and boost teamwork. Moreover, with our packages, business travellers can find some free time from their work and explore the amazing locations they are visiting.

Education Tourism

Travelling is fun; it’s like a therapy to some and an escape route to many. But it can be educational too! Travel and Education are two such concepts that go hand-in-hand and help to gain some ever-lasting practical knowledge about history, languages, customs and culture of other countries. With our hand-picked education tourism packages, our customers can explore new places, learn about new cultures, gain knowledge about ancient sites and their history and accumulate their experiences.

International Tour Packages

Travel Shoppi provides various International Tourism packages from India like Agro Tourism, Educational Tourism, Corporate Tourism etc. We emphasis on making our customer’s abroad tours smooth by providing a wide range of packages so that our customer can enjoy his/her trip to the fullest. With our lucrative tour packages, you can explore more in less time and enjoy your trip along with fulfilling your travelling goals and purposes.

Experienced Travel Executives

Travel Shoppi intends to make every trip successful, smooth and at the same time hassle-free. We are here to make your Visa processing quick and smooth as well as we have designed tour packages which create real value for our customers. We are committed to enrich the lives of travellers and enhance their travelling experiences. Moreover, our support team is always ready to guide our customers for any assistance.

Visa Processing

Travel Shoppi is amongst the best Visa service providers with which more than one million people around the world have been facilitated by our services, over the years. Our valued customers receive fast visa services in popular countries such as China, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, UAE and France. With the progress of digitization, we have updated our online visa system to allow our customers to apply for their visa on our site easily. You just have to fill in the form, scan and upload the document, and our team will take it further. After that, you can expect your Visa by email within 72 hours. So that’s easy!

What is Attestation?

Embassy Attestation Service is a means for citizens to contact government authorities to complete the legalization of available documents and legal acknowledgment of the authenticity of a document and verification that appropriate procedures have been followed. Many people aspire to go abroad for different reasons ( like- Education, job, etc), in that case, the most vital thing they need is to carry the authentication of documentation (Personal, Educational, Or Commercial Documents). Embassy Attestation Service takes care of this.

Types of Attestation

  • State Attestation: Before MEA attestation, the state attestation is needed based on the type of certificate.
  • MEA Attestation or Apostille MEA attestation: MEA Attestation or Apostille MEA attestation is prepared after attestation by appropriate state authorities.
  • Embassy Attestation, Embassy/Consulate attestation: Embassy Attestation is prepared after the MEA attestation.

Why is it important?

The primary need is to legalize the necessary documents with a stamp from the embassy. It proves the credibility of the attested documents to the authorities which makes them admissible in the country where these documents might get checked. [ For instance - The Government of UAE requires all educational/Personal certificates, professional or academic, issued from India to be attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in UAE for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before grant of UAE Visa.]

In India, it is needed the most when a person of Indian origin is trying to move to another country with certain important documents ( like - Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, or any other document related to Indian origin), in this case, those documents must be legalized from the respective Embassies/consulates in India. This whole process of legalization is called Embassy Attestation or Embassy Legalization Service.

Attestation Services provided by Travelshoppi

Want to Attest Personal & Educational documents for UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait Etc from a trustworthy organization? Okay! Here we are to give you the hassle free service of Attestation from various Embassies. We completely understand the pandemic situation and that’s why you can get all the work done by staying at home only.Just leave it to us. Contact Now for Detailed Discussion and Free Guidance.

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